It can be a challenge to find all the places where one's research appears. The academic citation system is fragmented and well known for errors and omissions. When an anonymous editor at Wikipedia suddenly decided that my achievements as an amateur mathematician were negligible and rallied his troops to remove my listing under "Amateur Mathematicians," I knew their efforts were misguided and began to explore the actual reach of my work.

For the record, my first peer-reviewed paper was published before I took any college-level math classes. My discoveries have been written about in Science News, Science Magazine (American Association for the Advancement of Science), and  PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).  I've presented at Yale and was invited to appear in a documentary to talk about fractal structure in the music of Bach. I've been delighted to hear from students all over the world who have been inspired by my work to do their own mathematical research.

So, here is a list of papers, books, patents, and reference sites that cite or describe my research, along with some high-quality articles and blogs that have covered my work (I've left out my citations of my own papers). I've also included a few YouTube videos from math channels that talk about my discovery of e in Pascal's triangle. (If the database doesn't load, you can find it here: Citations.)